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By Down To Earth Collective - October 1, 2020
DOWN to EARTH is an award winning film that premiered at the Climate Convention in Paris. In NL it became the longest running documentary in Dutch film history. This year the film received laurels for Filmmaking for Social Change. As the world was in lockdown this year the message of the film became more relevant than ever. We decided to launch globally online to make sure as many people as possible can watch the film. Watching the film helps protect a unique EarthToday m2 of land.

The film is about a Dutch couple that leaves behind their cosmopolitan life and embark on the journey of a lifetime. They travel the ends of the earth searching for a new perspective on life. In their five-year journey across six continents, they live with some of the oldest indigenous communities on the planet. They gain access to tribal sages never filmed or interviewed before, without a crew or schedule, just one backpack and one camera each. And the curiosity to listen.

A message of hope from the Wisdom Keepers of the Earth