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One symbol of belonging. For when we belong, we protect what we love.
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One Earth. One flag. EarthFlag. All rights to EarthFlag have been explicitly granted to the commons by its creators. It can be used freely by any-body and claimed by no-body.

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A proposal for the flag of planet Earth. Mission and statements.

All rights to EarthFlag have been granted to the commons in a CC0 declaration.

EarthFlag can be used freely by every-body, and claimed by and no-body.

Seed of Life

EarthFlag's design was inspired by the cosmos and Earth itself.

What can you do?

Adopt the EarthFlag. Share your story. Become a volunteer.

Plant your Flag

Collect uon. Protect Earth

Follow our journey

Expedition to the Edge: A six-episode documentary series on Discovery+

Get an EarthFlag

Visit EarthFlag.Store and buy flags made of hemp in many sizes.

A solid foundation

Founding. Organization. Governance.

EarthFlag 2-Pager

Media resources

Videos, pictures, icons, and documents.

Frequently asked questions

and answers


We'd love to hear from you. Wherever you are.