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EarthToday is a 'for-purpose company' with a purpose portal to campaign for Earth. We offer tools and services for companies, employees and customers to campaign together.
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EarthToday is a for-purpose company with a mission to collectively protect 50% of the planet. Meter x meter.

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We call on you to help protect our land

Watch Laura Yawanawá's message to the world.

Brands include nature protection in their marketing campaigns

Campaign for Earth together with employees and consumers.

Purpose is the new premium

Brands engage employees and customers to be more sustainable. Together.


We are on a mission to protect 30% of the planet by 2030. Meter x meter.

You on Earth

Collect uon. Protect Earth. Download the app.

How does it work?

Collect uon. Protect nature.

Hospitality has the power

To launch a global solution.

What is a uon?

A digital proof of protection of a geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.

Scientists all around the world urge us to protect 50% of the planet by 2050.

The nature areas we support

€1.00 out of every €1.20 goes directly to the organizations doing the work on ground.

24 GlobalGoals

Our purpose is to contribute to 24 global goals and accelerate nature protection.

Monthly Mail

Subscribe to our newsletter and collect a new uon every month. For €14.40 per year.

This is how we scale

For every uon you collect, we bring a new unit of nature under protection.

We are EarthToday.

The making of the video 'Tree of Life'

Our story

We are not a charity. We are a company with a purpose. We invite you to join.

Why a company and not a charity?

Breaking the profit-purpose paradox.

Follow the money

Community, impact, and financials.


Are you an angel investor or venture philanthropist who wants impact as a return?

FAQ Top 10

Most asked questions and answers on all that is EarthToday.

Media and resources for press and others.


We're looking forward to hear from you.