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The hospitality sector has the collective power to drive the 30x30 and 50x50 global nature protection goals.
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EarthToday is a for-purpose company with a mission to collectively protect 50% of the planet. Meter x meter.

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We all know hospitality impacts the environment

That's why the sector is accelerating its efforts to become net positive.

Reduce emissions. Protect nature.

The two UN narratives to address your impact.

Engagement Solution for Good

ESG reimagined.

Forget air miles. Save square miles.

The uon is a meaningful, inclusive loyalty token.

Reward guests with units of nature

Action your ESG strategy.

Incentivise direct booking

Improve your bottomline.

Purpose is the new premium

Inspire your staff.

One price fits all

Starts at €1.20 per unit.

Be inspired

See how others integrate uon in their marketing.

Hotels have the collective power

To introduce a global nature protection solution.

Get started

Join in three simple steps.

Everything you need to know, and forgot to ask.


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