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Everything you need to know about EarthToday's unique funding model, designed for anyone who wants to invest in purpose, with direct impact from day one.
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EarthToday.Media powers the collective with capital and a network of funders with access to global platforms and large communities.

MEMBER SINCE May 16, 2022

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Our intentions

We introduce a business model to collectively protect 50% of the planet.

Impact is the new return

How we create value for-purpose.

Simply put, €1.00 out of every €1.20 that comes in goes to nature protection. That's 83%.

All revenue and profit are used to accelerate nature protection.

All members will be invited to become a co-owner of the EarthToday.

All capital is provided on the same predefined terms and conditions.

Invest in Earth today

Seed capital is provided by a growing group of venture philanthropists and angel investors


All stakes have the same predefined terms.

The Fund

Our trust circle of 90 funders

"It's all about giving back to next generations."

Stories from our funders.

The Force

Our Member Rewards Program.

Maximized impact

Funders set their own level of return, with at least 67% return-to-purpose.

Reasonable return

The return on investment for funders is proportionate to impact. By design.


Our community impact. Accountable.