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Industry alliance writes Indonesian government over proposed threat to workers’ rights – Fair Wear
By Fair Wear October 05, 2020
The proposed Omnibus Law on Job Creation in Indonesia threatens the basic protection of workers' rights. The bill, as it currently stands, will remove safeguards that align with international labour law standards. If passed, it could lead to workers working more excessive overtime, for less income, without job security. An industry alliance - including Fa...
The proposed Omnibus Law on Job Creation in Indonesia threatens the basic pro...
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Fair Wear works in a number of garment production countries around the world, each of which has its own labour laws, regulations, trade unions, etc. A key element of Fair Wear's work includes working with trade unions, labour rights organisations and civil society organisations to lobby and negotiate for better working conditions in garment factories. In this deck, you'll see some of our lobbying in action.
A deck by Fair Wear