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Testimonials from the members that have been part of our journey from the starts.
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Union of Nature Foundation
UON is a worldwide group of nature protection organizations collaborating on a business model to collectively protect the planet with a single product: a protected unit of nature

MEMBER SINCE July 04, 2022

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Sofia Heinonen

The goal of protecting half the planet is not going to happen without public understand...

Amy Lewis

Biodiversity conservation and the empowerment of indigenous cultures cannot be treated ...

Patricia Slump

We believe there should be more initiatives like this to help small and larger ...

James Deutsch

This partnership between Rainforest Trust, EarthToday and Union of Nature will be ...

Samantha Zwicker

Union of Nature takes a novel approach to nature protection and is exactly the kind of ...

Jimmiel Mandima

This is the first time nature protection organizations collaborate on a business model...

Werner Myburgh

The exciting, innovative and engaging propositions of UON and EarthToday unites ...