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You on Earth. A collective campaign for Earth.
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Uon.Earth Collective consists of three independent yet interconnected initiatives, each embodying one of our leading principles: EarthFlag, Union of Nature, and EarthToday.

MEMBER SINCE September 27, 2023

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Ever dreamed of protecting your own piece of nature?

Now you can.


We are on a mission to protect 30% of the planet by 2030. Meter x meter.

We call on you to help protect our land

Watch Laura Yawanawá's message to the world.

This is how we scale

For every uon you collect, we bring a new m² of nature under protection.


A unique proof of protection of a geocoded unit of nature, registered in your name.


Collect a new uon every month. 14.40 per year

Earn free stakes for every uon on your counter.

Member reward program

Scientists agree that we need to protect 50% of the planet by 2050.

Uon.Earth is a collaboration between Union of Nature and EarthToday company.

Introducing Union of Nature Foundation

A membership organization of nature protectors from all around the world.


A for purpose company with a platform to campaign for Earth.


Questions asked. Answers given.