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All numbers and key metrics about our community, impact, and financials.
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Uon.Earth Collective consists of three independent yet interconnected initiatives, each embodying one of our leading principles: EarthFlag, Union of Nature, and EarthToday.

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24Q1 Update

Impact. Financials. Community.


Questions about the money, financials, and reports.

Our mission

Introducing a sustainable business model to protect the planet. Meter x meter.

Our business model

Protect 1 unit of nature for only €1.20 and receive a proof of protection in your name.

Shared ownership

Every member receives free stakes to become a co-owner of the company, by design.

From 2018 to 2022.

Top protectors

A ranking of all top protectors within the community.

Participating brands

Conscious companies engage consumers to protect nature together.

UON members

A worldwide group of collaborating nature protection organizations.


As a leading principle, we declare all the blueprints open source for members.